Exhibition of Drilon-Tushemisht Waterscape Park Design by UNLAB and Grimshaw (2nd. prize)

At the main hall of the National Historical Museum is opened today the Exhibition Waterscape Park Design for Drilon-Tushemisht. In the opening day the exhibition was visited by the AADF Chairman Mr. Michael Granoff, the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro, AADF’s Board Members and Co-CEOs, architects and other stakeholders. The project design proposals by the five internationally known companies who participated in the second phase of the WPD Competition for Sustainable Tourism Development of Drilon-Tushemisht are exhibited. The proposals include design posters, descriptive materials, illustrative and descriptive videos, branding strategy and layouts, etc. A special area of the exhibition is dedicated competition process, with information on the competition workshop and site visit, competition evaluation, jury composition. http://www.aadf.org/exhibition-for-the-waterscape-park-design-for-drilon-tushemisht/