WAVE 2018 – IUAV (Istituto Universitario di Architettura Venezia)

After an edition (2017) dedicated to the reconstruction of Syria, W.A.Ve. deals again with Italy. The chosen theme concerns the particular beauty of Italian cities. “Italian Beauty”, is the title of W.A.Ve. 2018, that will deal with small and medium-sized historical city centres. The cities, chosen on the whole national territory, from Sicily to Trentino, will be involved through their administrations that will select design project themes concerning their most precious heritage. This year’s edition will be an opportunity to combine historic and contemporary architecture and to foster the research on a topic, the historical city centres, that for over forty years has not been considered with the due attention in the Italian public debate.

For the first time in 2018, Iuav organizes a workshop in a different location using Iuav Academics Abroad, the network of contacts of over one hundred professors who have studied at Iuav and today teach in universities around the world.

The extra workshops will treat the same theme of W.A.Ve. 2018 declined on local realities, allowing to widen the debate to a global scale. W.A.Ve. Abroad will be carried out in geographically distant places, taking place at the following venues: – University of Belgrade – Universiteti Politeknik i Tiranes – University of Rwanda, Kigali – Universidad Nacional de Rosario – Technical University of Crete.